Contract Analysis, Drafting and Litigation

Know What Your Contract Says Before You Sign

Contracts and agreements are the heart and soul of business operations. Every day many of us enter into verbal or written agreements that legally bind us to sales, purchases, delivery schedules and payments for services and goods provided. If you are ready to enter into an agreement that will have a major impact on your business, will you know what you are agreeing to?

At Fallon, Myers & Marshall, LLP, we care about your success. Let us draft, analyze or review your contracts and agreements, giving you the confidence to put your name on the dotted line. For more than two decades, professionals and business owners in Warrenton, Virginia, and throughout the region have trusted our experienced contract law attorneys.

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Our lawyers provide a full range of services for business clients, including:

  • Construction bids and subcontract agreements
  • Boiler-plate contract forms and template agreements
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Noncompete agreements
  • Employment agreements, executive contracts
  • Employee handbooks
  • Workplace policy establishment

A Note About Employment Contracts

The Commonwealth of Virginia is an at-will employment state. That means that the relationship between the employer and employee is mutually understood to be a non-contractual agreement. Within the guidelines of limitations set by state and federal statutes preventing discrimination, an employer can essentially fire an employee for no reason. Likewise, an employee could feel free to walk away from a position. In some circumstances, however, the employer and employee find it mutually beneficial to sign an employment contract. If you are an employer or an employee considering signing an employment contract, make sure you understand how every clause will affect your relationship and your ability to move forward at the conclusion of the agreement. Let us draft or review the document to ensure that it is legally binding and that it accurately reflects your goals.

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