Real Estate Transactions and Disputes

Giving You Confidence in Real Estate Transactions

Real estate transactions and disputes over property are likely to involve significant amounts of money. For most individuals, buying or selling a home is the largest financial transaction of their lives. Commercial real estate transactions can easily involve millions of dollars and could make the difference between a profitable venture and a financial disaster. The attorneys of Fallon, Myers & Marshall, LLP can both help you ensure a successful transaction and handle any real estate-related disputes.

Contact us to arrange an opportunity to discuss your specific needs. Call us toll free at 888-341-8166. Whether you are an individual working toward buying and selling residential property, or a business owner involved in a property dispute with another entity, we are ready to help. Our full range of real estate transaction and litigation services includes:

  • Letters of intent
  • Sales contracts
  • Closing documents
  • Deeds and promissory notes
  • Drafting, analysis and review of lease agreements
  • Landlord/tenant disputes

At Fallon, Myers & Marshall, LLP, we know how high the stakes are in every real estate transaction or dispute. For more than 20 years, our attorneys have been heavily involved in the residential and commercial real estate markets in and around Fauquier County. We have the legal and professional resources to handle even the most complex real estate and land development transactions.

Commercial property owners know that an airtight lease agreement is often the difference between keeping a good tenant and losing money because of ongoing disputes. Our firm has extensive experience drafting and analyzing lease contracts for property owners and prospective tenants. We work toward finding the right resolution that makes sense for all parties in a cost-effective, efficient way. If a trial becomes necessary to resolve a lease dispute, you will have a team of experienced real estate trial lawyers on your side.

Contact our offices in Warrenton, Virginia, to arrange a consultation with a member of the Fallon, Myers & Marshall, LLP real estate team today.