Municipal Government Law

Is the City or County Forcing You Off Your Property?

Fallon, Myers & Marshall, LLP Can Help

Eminent domain laws, often referred to as condemnation actions, give a municipal or county entity the right to force a property owner to sell property in the event it is needed for a governmental purpose. Permitted purposes include public works projects and community property value enhancements. Under both state and municipal laws, the government is required to offer a fair market value for the property. Naturally, however, cities and counties will do everything then can to pay less, hoping that a landowner will accept a lowball offer and vacate the property.

Fallon, Myers & Marshall, LLP has more than two decades of experience fighting on behalf of owners fighting to keep their property or receive a fair price for it. Again, the government must offer fair market value for property seized during eminent domain or rezoning procedures. Our attorneys use our extensive municipal law experience and independent professional resources to determine the current and future fair market value of the land. You deserve an equitable price for your property and we fight aggressively on your behalf to ensure you get it.

Generally, courts have upheld the rights of municipalities to force landowners to sell their property for public good or to use their property in a certain way that benefits the community. Be careful to protect your rights, however. You should not accept a condemnation offer until you have talked to an experienced land use and zoning lawyer at FMM.

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