Probate and Estate Administration

Handling All Your Estate Administration Needs

After the death of a loved one, your family will be facing many complicated issues involving the estate’s assets, the complex probate court process, asset inventory, debt valuation and property distribution. If you have been appointed the executor/personal administrator of an estate, you will have many overwhelming, confusing and frustrating responsibilities.

We are the estate and probate administration attorneys of Fallon, Myers & Marshall, LLP in Warrenton, Virginia. Our lawyers regularly work with executors and family members to handle the complicated final affairs of an estate after a loved one has passed. We have offered these services to our clients for over 20 years. We offer efficient and cost-effective representation that allows you to focus on your family, rather than focusing on financial details at this emotional time.

Contact us to discuss your probate and estate administration needs with a lawyer on our estate and probate administration team. Call us toll free at 888-341-8166.

We are ready to help you with:

  • Testate and intestate matters
  • Bonding of the will and securing supporting documentation
  • Determining the value of assets and completing a thorough inventory
  • Referral to an independent accountant for final tax matters
  • Handling final payments and closing accounts with creditors
  • Transferring business ownership/business succession issues

Do You Live Out of State?

We work with many clients who no longer live in the Commonwealth of Virginia but who are responsible for handling the final affairs of an estate remaining here. In many cases, we can handle probate and estate administration matters on your behalf, without requiring costly and time-consuming visits to our offices.

Contact us to discuss your needs with one of our attorneys today.